About Qkumba Zoo

Qkumba Zoo is the brain child of Owl and Levannah, natives of Johannesburg, South Africa, who birthed their musical adventure in 1994 on a single keyboard and big dreams. They were picked up by David Gresham records, the largest independent record label in South Africa at the time, who shepherded them through the recording of their first album “Wake Up & Dream” and towards Arista under the watchful eye of Clive Davis. “The Child (Inside)” was released at the end of 1996 worldwide on the Arista label and went to the top of the Billboard dance charts and South African charts, and reached 69 on the Billboard hot 100.

They released a second album in 2001: “Butterfly Peepl”, which was re-released by Sovereign Records in the USA in 2011 with updated masters as “Letthelightin”. Cutting a long story very short 2017 finds them perhaps a little wiser, definitely more reclusive, but still wanting to indulge in their creativity by releasing the occasional song that hopefully others will enjoy.

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