Wake Up & Dream

“Riddler says:

I am in NEED of a copy of the “wake Up & Dream” CD, any ideas on here I could find one – New wold be a bonus!! haha

here is wishig you guys would make a comeback!!! SOON.”


“Dreams says:


Not sure where you’re located, but copies of WU&D are all over Amazon and eBay, for starters:



Some people still have new copies available, if you’re willing to pay a bit more.”

Ja, what Dreams said. And to add… When Sea World starting using “the Child (Inside)” in their advert we asked Arista to re-release the album, or at least the single. We got stonewalled. Which is a pity, because they own the rights to the album so we can’t release it ourselves. I.e. its currently sitting in “cold storage”. However, we decided that instead of fighting this battle right now to rather focus our energies on writing and releasing new material. Having said that, as Dreams said, there are copies available on Amazon.

  1. Dreams

    I have a question about WU&D that you could probably answer… are there two different versions, the regular release and an enhanced release? What’s the “enhanced” part? The only thing I could find is a disjointed sentence on Google that says:

    “Wake Up and Dream [ENHANCED]. Qkumba Zoo ….. Wake Up & Dream opens new browser window is Qkumba Zoo’s opens new browser window only studio release.”

    I swear I remember two different versions being sold on qzoo.co.za… but the enhanced copy I have doesn’t do anything.

    Am I missing out on something?

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