**Breaking news: Qkumba Zoo have just released two new songs to fans only: Butterflies and Flicker. If you would like to get hold of them please see the post on the homepage. They will be available online at the end of May. (April 2017)**

Qkumba Zoo have released 4 albums and one EP. Having said that, there are really only two albums due to duplication that occurred when local releases became international releases.  In the list below, the two available albums have a Spotify link next to them. These two albums are also available on iTunes, Amazon etc.

  1. Big – A South Afica only release in 1995. Not available.
  2. Wake Up & Dream – 1996 –  The international release of “Big” with the addition of a new track “Weeping”,  a cover of the anti-apartheid song by Bright Blue
  3. Butterfly Peepl – A South Afica only release in 2000. Not available.
  4. N3x+ (pronounced Next) – 2009 – a 5 track EP with 2 tracks from Butterful Peepl (remixed and mastered) and 3 new tracks. Not available
  5. Letthelightin – 2011 – an album of 13 tracks, remastered from Butterfly Peepl and 3 tracks from N3x+

  1. Richard Kleinbergs

    Hi Guys!

    I have owned the Wake Up and Dream album and Child Inside single since it was released and loved them to death but never been able to find anything else of yours. I am off to buy Letthelightin right now and would love to know if there is any way to get hold of Big and Butterfly Peepl?

    Bloody marvelous music you people make 🙂

    • HI Richard

      Thanks for your enquiry. To be honest, Wake Up and Dream is a better version of Big, and Leththelightin a better version of Butterfly Peepl, so you should be good with what you have. If you insist on owning Butterfly Peepl we do have a few of those in stock so we can sell to you if you want 🙂



      • Hello Owl,

        I realize your response to that question was a while ago, but I’m wondering if you still happen to have any remaining copies of Butterfly Peepl in stock? I’m a completist and would love to buy a copy. Please advise…thanks!

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