Qkumba Zoo releases new single and EP: Butterflies (Out of Time)

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“Butterflies (Out of Time)” is available here: Soundcloud, Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, Bandcamp. Qkumba Zoo have surfaced from hibernation to release their first new songs in over 15 years. Best known for the 1996 hit “The Child (Inside)” – which reached number one on the Billboard dance charts in 1996 and later became known as “that Sea World song” in the early 2000’s – they decided that it’s time to … Read More

Qkumba Zoo releases albums online

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Qkumba Zoo releases albums online Hi all. FINALLY! After many years of having to wait out contracts and deal with ownership rights etc, Qkumba Zoo is able to put our stuff up online. So, for those who have lost CD’s or don’t have our albums please take a look, and tell your friends about it. To help you get started I will be posting a few links to Spotify, iTunes … Read More

Spam user / legit user mix up

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Hi all I recently cleaned up and updated our web page, including getting rid of the more than 3000 spam user registrations. In so doing I inadvertently deleted legitimate users who have registered on this site. First up, my sincerest apologies for the mix up, I obviously did not correctly use the plugin I was using to do the cleanup. Secondly, therefore please be so kind as to re-register if … Read More

Digital Downloads

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Qkumba Zoo is very pleased to announce that the album “Letthelightin” is now available for purchase as a digital download via Bandcamp. For those who dont know, bandcamp is a popular music portal for original music. Payment is handled by Paypal, which makes it easily accessible and convenient the world over. We are excited about the new opportunities this opens up for the band. Please also remember to pop into … Read More

New album is out!

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The new, much anticipated album by Qkumba Zoo, Letthelightin has been released and is available from the Souvenir Records website. To sample the songs please click here. The band is greatful for the support of our fans, who have remained loyal over the years and we hope that the release of Letthelightin brings as much joy and meaning as our earlier releases. Feel free to spread the word 🙂 Qkumba … Read More

Qkumba Zoo Laboratory Page

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We are excited to be setting up a new page called Laboratory, where we release material we’ve created that is either not directly Qkumba Zoo, or is Qkumba Zoo “prototype”, and still evolving. We hope you enjoy it as much! We’ve started out by putting up some quotes by Levannah on education and technology. Owl will be putting up music soon.

Wake Up & Dream

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“Riddler says: February 3, 2010 at 7:27 pm (Edit) I am in NEED of a copy of the “wake Up & Dream” CD, any ideas on here I could find one – New wold be a bonus!! haha here is wishig you guys would make a comeback!!! SOON.” ——————————————————————— “Dreams says: February 5, 2010 at 11:44 pm (Edit) @Riddler: Not sure where you’re located, but copies of WU&D are all … Read More

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